‎the dynasty.‎

‎ the GTA series welcome the famous series that was released and launched by rock star games where this series has thrown big popularity around the world the whole world is waiting for the next part and now we are waiting for the game GTA 6 with all ‎

‎honestly, rockstar company will not release this game, I mean, I was late in it somewhat and this indicates that the game will be very distinct from the rest of the games that were released by this company and the last heater for me is the game GTA 5 which has received great admiration and fantastic profits the company and to the extent of this unit the game still left great popularity by the people and there are still a number ‎

‎a large number of people are playing this legendary shift in addition to that it still offers fantastic profits for rock star company and this is a clear reason why the company did not release the new version the first part of the next series started since the release of the game gte 3 where the game alcat great admiration especially at the time was rare mosque games world open at that level for that company ‎

‎rockstar gave us something new and something wonderful honestly after that this version developed and you have dirt and the best copies which are famous for this sex the most and the most and it is the game gte san Andreas where this game became more ‎

‎popular to the extent of this moment that I am talking about how this game is still played by millions although the game was released in 2004 I mean a game that is considered old landmark but it is modern for some and still offers a great level because the game revolves around revenge ‎

‎we know very well that all the games that revolve or the story of the game that revolves around revenge is always better and never works from it at all after that the game was developed into the game GTA 4 which also received great admiration from the people, especially from the side of graphite but times the colors are not pale completely clear but the game is accepted to a large extent after that was taken into account ‎

‎the notes that were made in GTA 4 and rock star company became noticeable these notes and gave us a completely new game which is the game GTA 5 where several things were developed and the game was developed based on characters and something else and I the game supports online means after you finish the game you can enjoy you and your friend with a new mission add ‎

‎to a new identification corner company and offer us a new map or new places in addition to new missions and this is a torch on the big people who will not get bored of the game GTA 5 and rockstar company is still trying to make the game gta5 achieve what he wants ‎

‎the audience, as friends saw me in this article, we talked about the GTA series and everything in it right now.‎


‎ the san Andreas game was released in 2004 by rockstar games company where this game was released for computers and a card of great admiration by the people but on the devices, PlayStation 2 and became a large number of millions became ‎

‎he plays the game gte san Andreas but after the passage of time and the progress of games and the development of technology devices android came rockstar and surprised everyone by issuing the game gte san Andreas on android devices and this is honestly new for the company rock star because honestly it does not care about android games completely and there are a large number of people waiting for the game GTA ‎

‎5 to be released on android devices and this similar impossible was the company rock star raised its hand's android games after the game gte San Andreas was released because the game exists with money and unfortunately no one can buy it and that's what made the company ‎

‎his profits are almost non-existent computer games, the events of the game gte san Andreas about revenge after the killing of the mcg, a major explanation within this game where he came to the city Los Santos and made a revenge for the blood of his mother who died in his house and who was killed unusually is assassinated and not angered into the city and after many missions, he took revenge for the death of his mother the story of the game gte san Andreas beautiful‎

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