‎download freefire max for android‎


‎download free fire max for android‎

‎free fire max‎

‎[15/07 à 19:28] Sarah: The game contains up to 50 players falling from an umbrella on an island in search of weapons and equipment to kill other players and end up with the last survivor. Players are free to choose the starting position and pick up weapons and supplies to extend the fighting period‎

‎when the player joins the game, he will take a seat in a plane that will fly over the island of the game. as the plane flies over the island, the player can jump anywhere he wants, allowing him to choose a strategic location. to land away from enemies or about to be able to overcome the depth meter. after landing, the player must search for weapons.‎

‎ and utilities. medical equipment, medium and large weapons, grenades, and other items on display can be found throughout the island. the goal of the player is to survive on an island with a maximum of 50-51 players online;‎

‎any opponents the player faces are on their way and make sure they are the only survivors. the size of the safe area (toxic cloud) of the game map shrinks over time, guiding surviving players to narrower areas to force confrontations. another player or other surviving team wins the tour and, therefore, the top 1, or a royal victory‎

‎● Battle Royale's Free Fire game stimulates the player's mind and training to focus, especially since the style of play is mainly based on fighting for survival, making the player more focused, smart, and wary of enemy strikes.‎

‎● improve concentration through a vision where the player adopts p‎

‎Free Fire game on his eyes to find the enemy to eliminate him or avoid his blows and what is not readily available due to the hiding of fighter elements (players) in undisclosed places such as buildings, trees, and hills, so the play‎

‎here provides an experiment to improve vision and practice capturing fine details, with researchers from the University of Rochester discovering that individuals who spent 30 hours training in motion games for a month (during a research experiment) were able to monitor targets on a screen full of 80% chaotic parts of the‎

‎Only 30% of targets were monitored on time, while "non-players" monitored only 30% of the targets on time, as The Allstate, an American insurance company, works on the video game experience for older drivers, finding that it enhances important visual skills for safe driving.‎

‎Strengthening the brain by giving it auditing and focusing skills and reducing errors, especially since Free Fire is based on monitoring, caution, and checking opponent's movements, researchers from the University of Iowa studied‎

‎several laparoscopic surgeons concluded that some of the surgeons undergoing the experiment were up to 27% faster than others with 37% fewer errors than others who played video games for up to 3 hours or more a week.‎

‎● Free Fire play contributes to reducing pressure and anger in individuals as the player empties the charge of anxiety and tension in the game instead of keeping it and not a recreation of himself which may cause psychological problems or reactions‎

‎Negative, and in general, virtual reality games attract attention unusually and do not leave a person interested in addressing the worries and pains that negatively affect the psychological but we talk about these positives and benefits of the game Free Fire in the natural and reasonable scope and without increasing and avoiding the rate limit addiction.‎

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