‎Officially launch the first version of squid game for Android and run on all devices and without net‎

‎Officially launch the first version of squid game for Android and run on all devices and without a net‎

‎welcome ahlam followers hopefully in these articles you have a very beautiful game a game that you have always searched for a lot during this week which is the scud game this game that came from the famous series of toy or ‎

‎squid game that triumphed during this week and became the sixty most famous on the Netflix and achieved fantastic profits the game honestly came with a beautiful idea the game or a series of Korean series with new ideas in addition to having a very great team is it permissible to consume on a large number of people inside the game can you say the series came with a simple idea ‎

‎but beautiful and this is like what happened with the game, the case is guaranteed in the series or the content of the game honestly is very easy and you must have five games if you win the game moved to the level of the following if you do not win so say goodbye to your life will die simply and coldly when your grandmother is burned but when you win you receive a reward of about 34 billion dollars and this is a very large amount honestly because all these people who participated in this game were owed money from ‎

‎other people and that's what made him go to this game to pay their debts and to be with you tell me the dreams of the followers of the game I liked its idea and its first release within a week of the series and make sure of the dreams of followers that this series or this game will become online on me will be ‎

‎in addition or you can't play you and your friends inside this game and this is a beautiful thing honestly just you have to be patient with the first version and then develop it which is just one week was very beautiful, especially from the side of graphic and came with all the criteria of enjoyment and contains only the first part ‎

‎from the series, the first game is there better well that you want to enjoy this game from start to finish but all you have to do is be patient the dreams of the game followers hopefully will be filmed more and done ‎

‎in addition, there are many beautiful and beautiful things ahlam followers and bring a copy that works on all android devices I mean 1 Giga ram works with you without problems in addition to that it is without internet and nothing honestly beautiful ‎

‎first thing nicest and I the whole game is size only 70 mega why do you want more than this, especially that the game its first version Yahya Siddiqi downloads it and enjoy from a game that works on all devices without exception will never have problems in downloading it because the way downloaded is very very easy‎

‎game download link‎

‎download link:‎‎here‎