The best application to determine your location and your way without the Internet and for all devices

the best application to determine your location and way without internet and all devices

there are a lot of people who have the internet at home and can enjoy google or all social media sites in addition to that there are people who use the internet to locate and update the way for them this app became very important I personally use because honestly when you are on the way I mean if god forbid you will have a problem

Europe doesn't miss the road or many things happen and you find yourself in a maze and you don't know the way unfortunately as long as you are at home you have the internet to run this one application determine your location and determine the map of the whole world and enjoy the world but we have a blog you outside the house where there is a problem there are people internet wi-fi tablet at home and maybe he does not want to work

the internet is out of the house or does not have money for the internet or frankly, it can be said when he came to it he did not know that one day he might find himself in a place free of filling his devices or his balance on the internet to know the site of the replay brought you a fabulous application that enables you to know your site an important application very important to have you in the device when the application works

without internet and sound that carries on it the map that is the map that is in your country and can determine your location and determine your speeds, in addition, speaking audio gives you signals in addition to all this is that it is fast will not hurt any problems in capturing the site, in addition, it is very fabulous and frankly the answer is that it works without internet and talking in it speaking through language

Arabic I mean it is all turning right and turn left and this is what I liked in its addition to several things honestly very beautiful I personally love this application I was dealing with it for a long time honestly I mean I had since a long time and dealt with several times when I did not have any internet at home and I used it only for god to know only places my ways and many things this application

very nice and you have to bear it from the link that is at the bottom in addition to the application existing for android or iPhone I mean enjoy it android and iPhone in addition that its size without internet but you must carry the map first on the internet at first and in the beginning only you can download all the map of the world but also needs a large size in your device but it is preferable to have it downloaded the map that you are in I mean your country and you can determine

your location and walk as you wish, my friend.

some important details that we need to inform you:
• When installing the app, make sure your phone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

• don't let navigation instructions interfere with your driving.
• some cards may require significant storage space. please check with your phone's storage manager for details.

• When using Karta GPS while driving, don't hold the phone in your hand. Place it on a standard holder, leaving a clear view.

app download link

download link: here