Download the best game that contains a story for Android


Download the best game that contains a story for Android

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 Welcome, there are a large number of people and followers. Games that contain stories of the God of War game, an accident on a great popularity in the world. A character played all parts of this game and was wonderful, very wonderful as it contains a very fairy tale from the stories of the ancient Greeks and Greece, as well as containing

Very wonderful characters, in addition to the presence of various and different weapons in these games, but the good is good in that they contain great graphics, battles and very wonderful adventures, but most of these games are only found on PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 as well as five, but the game of God of War is released for Android on the PS simulator B

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The game contains a very realistic story and contains a very cool and adventurous player style, as it contains accurate graphics for the game because there are different weapons of all kinds, as well as the promotion of your player's level. The difficulty of the game The more your level and the more you increase

Your adventure inside the game, as the game contains a large open world, while the monsters are varied and different from all classes, where there are monsters and terrifying forms, as well as these monsters contain advanced and very wonderful weapons that can deserve you with one strike, but with your skill in playing and your progress in playing you can areas of these monsters and eliminate them In order to continue to conclude the game

And this game is very long, like a game to war, as it contains parts, but now there is with us only the first part, God willing, in the coming years, the second part will be released and this is to increase the enjoyment of the game. I personally was shocked by this game as it is

It contains granvic, very fictional, but there is one problem, and it is very simple, and this game contains a large size and its size is estimated at two gigabytes, the beautiful in it, it works on all Android devices, meaning two gigabytes and above devices, and everyone who viewed this game valued it and gave it a five-mark rating of the Google button Play this article was written by people who love story games with

Adventure, action and fighting, as well as games that contain high graphics, people who have good internet can download and run them on their Android devices. Add this game to work without internet, meaning even if you have you from the weak, you can play it without any like and without any problems

 I hope you like our game for today, and thank you for reading this article, and we will meet in another article, God willing

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