Launching a new soccer game for Android and iPhone 2022


Launching a new soccer game for Android and iPhone 2022

Football Games

 There are a large number of people who love soccer games, and unfortunately in this blog I do not put a large number of football games and I apologize, but God willing, I will present you very terrible games from football games There are a large number of games we saw on the store

Google Play has won great popularity and large downloads such as POS 2021, Dream League Game and FIFA, and these games are so popular now on the Google Play Store, but there are things that you do not know, my friend, that in the year 2021, then the release of a terrible game

A very new game, a legendary game, but before we talk about a game we talk about football games in general. Football games, frankly, are distinguished by being your beloved hobby for all people in the world. As you know, soccer games are the most famous game in the world

There are more than a month, like Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. These characters are more famous than football, and this is what made China a great number of people turning to soccer, but there are other sports for handball, basketball, basketball. There are a large number of tennis as well as volleyball. These games are also terrible, oh Friends, but we're talking about beautiful football in these games

It contains realistic characters, periodicals, and rankings around the world, and these games are always in great fun, very wonderful, as well as they make you play online like BS, you and your friend arrive online, my friend, and this is what makes the game more enjoyable, honestly.

 Vive le football

 Vive le football is a new game that was released two days ago, Esperance worked on YouTube and on social media sites, as this game was not expected to be released in the year 2021 and this game deceived all companies such as Konami, which is responsible for

The POS 2021 game, this company suddenly released a new game, this game is not like the rest of the games. Friends of this game is very distinctive in terms of graphics, where when you first see it you think that you are playing on the computer, I am honest when

I saw it the first time I was astonished at her and I quickly wanted to try this legendary game in addition to the presence of skills in the players, as well as the faces of the famous characters and toys, many realistic and realistic as well as their celebrations of the goals The very sixth game works on the strangest Android devices, but the thing that I did not like so frankly that it was not issued to the weak devices Mean one

Giga, but it remains the best game so far and has developed the POS game and the FIFA and Dream League game, but there is also something frank that I will not like what some like and that this game works on the Internet and you and your friend may be able to play until there is a special section for football

The streets mean the goal of four players and enjoying superb skills and shots in addition to choosing a coach and there are wonderful things inside this game where you can control the coach and walk as you want to enter the waiting hall, a game frankly to 1,2 the root of a B or A game. I saw that I outperformed it in the graphics

Download method

Now, friends, we will meet a way to download this game, a simple way to download it, and follow these steps in a simplified and detailed way.

The first step: at the bottom you will find a link for a file size of 600 MB that you download, my friend, on your computer normally without any problems The file does not contain any viruses

The second step: You go to the application visited Schaefer, and exactly in the download file, the game there is the work of extracting the game in a way that means you will click on the game or on the game file, the word extract here, you click on it once and then leave her life to extract the game until the end and then two files will appear for you IPK and OBaby will install the APK as normal

The third step: After you have installed the IPiki, go to the OPPO B and transfer the file to the Opi that is located on Android. Congratulations on you the game. You will enter the game when you enter the game. It will tell you to download a file size of 140 MB. Download normally and the game will work with you without any problems. Enjoy my friend

Game download link

To download a game, just click on the word "here" below in blue color, and you will download it directly and with a direct link

Download link: here