Download the game Raft for Android 2022 without the net

 Download the game Raft for Android 2022 without the net

Survival games

 We know new that until now, in the year 2021, no new Survival game has been released, and a number of followers always ask about the best games for the year 2021, and my answer to this question is very much and he did not believe when you tell him that Survivor has not been played

New with that, God willing. In this article, the best Survival game that exists for Android so far until this hour, since the appearance of games until now, the best Survivor game that exists. Unfortunately, there are a large number of people who do not have

The Internet to play these games, so I can add or put this game for you without the Internet at your convenience and it will never be an inconvenience from the Internet, in addition to that this game works on weak devices. Survival games are always legendary, meaning weak in

The atmosphere of realism and progress inside the game, and this is what makes the game more rewarding for people, as it gives you a style of realistic play, and this is what most realistic people are looking for in games, in addition to the presence of creativity within games, you can integrate building things and progress

In addition, these kind of games are always very cool about Patriot games and other adventure games. Why is it simply because these games make you excited to advance in the level and open other things and allow you to other areas and other innovations within the game and the beautiful thing is the building inside the game that I like Survival games

Game story and gameplay

 The game Rift Eid is the famous games that became famous on the computer and which attracted great admiration from the people, especially that on the computer it supports online, but in Android it does not support online, meaning it works without the Internet, frankly, the story of the game

Simply, you are in a plane with a group of travelers, where in a moment the plane falls to you and you do not know what will happen, but in a moment you woke up, my friend, and you found yourself in the middle of a large ocean standing on a piece of wood only with a rope and in his head from

Grandfather and this is the secret of playing this and the only weapon that makes you keep playing the game and crying in the game where you have to use that weapon and fetch the resources in the ocean and these resources were from the remnants of the stationed plane, but there is one enemy, no animals, no zombies, there is not a single shark destroy Your boat but will not be a total destruction but in

Some times he comes and takes down one of the sectors, but you quickly will bring those resources in the ocean and develop a city within the ocean, and that is the thing that I frankly liked about playing. You can have a big world inside a sea, in addition to

The presence of things to stay such as water, eat in addition to the presence of day, night, sunset, sunrise and valley, natural things present in the game, which gives you realism in God, in addition to the presence of the first personal perspective, and this is a beautiful thing, frankly within it, a game in which there is great creativity

We can get tired of building a tower to fight sharks. Discovering islands means going to islands to discover them. You can also, my friend, build an engine and drive your own city inside the station. The game frankly deserves all the support. In addition to having a story and creativity inside the game

 I hope you like it, my friend, do not forget to follow us below, the latest games, and thank you

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