Download RESIDENT EVIL 4 for Android 2021 from Mediafire

 Download RESIDENT EVIL 4 for Android 2021 from Mediafire


 RESIDENT EVIL 4 is the most famous game that was released on the computer as well as the PlayStation, as this game consists of several series, and God willing, in this video I will talk about it, I will talk about a general game, and in the article below I will talk about

The existing version of the Android game Tetet is a game that consists of a group of types of adventure games and the story in addition to the presence of puzzles and horror inside the game. Big on the part of the people, the first part, but the people

They asked for parts of this game, as the company reaps this terrible series and offers it several paragraphs or several series, and so far we have reached the eighth series, which is the most famous so far and is present in the PlayStation 5. The beautiful computer in the game is

It contains a very wonderful story, which is saving a girl and solving puzzles that forest at the time of some other strange creatures people who are not normal puzzles to be in the end you are the hero but the game, my friend, is not your death you expect as the game contains scary and terrifying scenes as you cannot complete the game after that in addition The game has high graphics as well as more accurate gameplay

Toy Story

The story begins 6 years after the Raccoon City incident in the second part of the game. All the events of the game take place in Europe in a village with a population that does not know the English language (with the exception of their leader Osmund Saddler and other elderly people

and their leaders) and belong to an aggressive creed, attacking anyone who does not join them. And this time Leon returns to carry out a new mission, which is to rescue the daughter of President Ashley Graham (Ashley Graham) in mysterious circumstances, as the 20-year-old girl has been kidnapped.

A year ago, by an unknown group, Leon sets out after being assigned the very secret mission to rescue Ashley and return her to her family safely from that village that is teeming with mysterious and suspicious events, and thus the game begins the horror of survival as the player is surrounded by people trying to kill him throughout his adventure.

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