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God of war 3 free Download | pc

Welcome, dear followers, to a new article. God-willing, in this article, he made a playground for you, with many friends and followers asking for it, and I'm here talking about God-of-War 3, this ancient and beautiful game. I personally played all its parts when I was small on PlayStation devices. So far, I'm still the parts games that were released after two periods, where else? On computers.

 I am personally a fan of this sella and know its hopeful history as well as the author of everything related to this beautiful game. I personally like God-of-War as the best of the three about revenge, especially in its first part. About five are all about revenge, searching for my family and forgetting the entire universe, as well as the story of this game in boring detail. God-of-War 3 is considered one of the most requested games on PC because the game is not officially launched by the computer company Jesse Salama and raise Knowing the two sessions.

 so there are a large number of people asking me to leave the download and subscribe in a very second way. All you have to do is download below. God-of-War 3 and this game works for you without any problems completely. Live the playstation 3 emulator. You only need to follow the steps that you mention below and focus with me well while downloading files and also focus on the story and the paragraphs after this paragraph.

God-of-War 3

We talk about the game and give you the features of the game, as well as Abu Abd Al-Ayeb, who was in the game and who did not answer many people around the world. God-of-War 3 was very special, it was Kharafi. The game used to contain graphics and very mythical so far, me and its appearances, even though the game was launched many years ago.

 A game that contains high official, as well as action and adventure, two of his games in the previous parts. God-of-War 3 came with a radical change in the player. Blame and oh came more. It came with more than one more adventure, and there are a number of people who love this game to the point of madness.

 Especially since this game revolves around revenge and the story of expanding the ball on the lower palm, God willing. Something I have to make the game tired is that in the end it is not the first thing for Sunday to answer many other people, which is the end of the game when he finishes taking revenge on everyone, here Kratos stabs himself and wants the wave, and this, frankly, was not the only option I had is there was a radical change in the balance and the number Lots of people you didn't like, first liked the ending of killing themselves in the game. 

The game also raised the positive is that the game is very long and is very fairy, in which there is more blood, and there is more adventure, as well as the presence of weapons and other previous parts, the presence of many weapons and a variety of their very beautiful abilities. Personally, when I play this game, the only thing I am happy about is when I get a specific weapon that helps me in men, this is a very sophisticated thing. 

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God-of-War 3 This game came after a long absence from the series and after a large number of attempts other versions of the story means that it is Copies we went back to a story and this was a good good age a possible change and it was a failure because a game was invented and it was completely unsuccessful. So far, I haven't played this old man, so I watched it on YouTube because I'm a player all the way to the part I knew it was launched on the computer so this guy should share it with you in this article. And here I am talking God-of-War 3

God-of-War 3 story

The events of this story take place a long time ago, when work was going on in the land and they were inhabiting the land. But one of this work has married a human girl and human children joined, and here we will talk to the father who destroyed everything, and here we are talking about Zeus and he was nurtured on an island because frankly, when he was born by this work he eats so there is this girl removed by his mother Through the appointed island plane in order to help you and that I grew up there. But the older he got, the more he hated the giants.

 and the more he wanted revenge on them. And this last goal made PC in the world. All the giants of Putin in the land are in prison. And he made this ability to dominate the world and he controlled the world for years, and thus mankind developed and civilizations took place in these events, just the birth of Kratos from Zeus, then what was predicted by Faji at the hands of one of my children who love red tattoos, and here is the guest population team, the last one has a red tattoo and then My brother recorded the world of the dead because he was carrying a red concord in order to avoid the country from happening last Friday, so his brother Kratos is here.

After tricking Zeus with a plea for paternal affection, Kratos seemed poised to finally kill his father once and for all, only for Athena herself to manifest herself and beg for his mercy. When Kratos refused, she defended her father and took the killing stroke herself, allowing Zeus to escape. As the godhood drained from her gaping wound.

 she begged Kratos to stop his endless quest for retribution, saying that it would destroy the world. Kratos remained unmoved even by her dying pleas, stating that he would take his revenge on all the Olympian gods. He then used the time-traveling powers of the Sisters to bring the Titans from the past to fight the gods, setting up the reprisal of a world-rending conflict between two immovable forces.

Soon after battle between the Titans and the Olympians began in 2010's God of War 3, Kratos almost immediately found himself betrayed once more, this time by Gaia, who dismissed him as nothing more than a useful tool and cast him into the River Styx for the third time. Lost in the murk, Kratos eventually found the spirit of Athena, who beseeched him to take revenge on Zeus, claiming that her death had brought her a new perspective on the conflict. As a token of trust, she gave Kratos the Blades of Exile.

 which he used to escape the underworld and fight the rogues' gallery of gods that awaited him. Though Kratos had slayed gods in the past, he had tried to avoid direct conflict with the Olympians as much as possible. With newfound vigor, Kratos began to carve a swath through the Greek pantheon at an absolute rate, murdering Hades, Helios and Hermes with ease. Even as Kratos slew these gods, the world around him began to collapse. Yet with the underworld falling to pieces around him and the sun winking out, he showed no concern — after all, his revenge was more important.


God of war 3 System Requirement

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 (6th generation), AMD Ryzen 3 (2nd generation)
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR4
  • Operating System: Window 10
  • Software: ps3 emulator
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon RX 550
  • Game Size: 40 GB or Above

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