Gta San Andreas Free Download | pc

Gta San Andreas Free Download | pc

Download GTA San Andreas game for PC from Mediafire size 916 MB, here is the download of the original GTA San Andreas game for PC with all the complete codes.

Gta San Andreas is one of the best games and one of the most famous games around the world, although it was launched in the year 2004, a game launched by the Rockstar company, which is very well known for this great series, which brought it profits and imagination. Star Games is very old, as well as fantastic profits, as more than 150 million copies were sold on PlayStation 2.

 and this indicates that the game was successful by all standards. Gta San Andreas I personally played on the PlayStation 2 after I bought it and I enjoyed this beautiful game, especially with friends because the game was among the cooperative games that you can play offline and play with your friend or brother at home, and it was also a very legendary game, especially after it was added It has several things about the previous versions and here we talk about the best version in the previous generation, Gta San Andreas.

 I love this game because it was the satan of my happiness in childhood and I played it a lot and then when I bought a computer I downloaded it and started playing it and stamped it again and also played real life inside online servers Line, and God willing, soon, I will show you a way to play the game Gta San Andreas in real life and you are playing with a large number of friends. People around the world want to download this original game on their computers. Yes, despite the poor graphics, but there are some people who do not have powerful computers, or perhaps they did not play Gta San Andreas, perhaps he made his legendary story. Ray and maybe watched it with friends, but he wants to try it, so he decided how to download Gta San Andreas game on all computers.

Gta San Andreas story

When you ask anyone about the game Gta San Andreas, he will first tell you about its legendary story. These stories are the best story of all the versions that were launched by Rockstar Games, frankly, these copies or this particular version, it is a very legendary story, the events of the story of the Gta game revolve San Andreas is about revenge, and this is completely dead.

A large number of companies are heading to it, for example. We will talk to you about the game God of war, which has achieved sales as well as a very great success, such as the gta series. This is a very natural thing because the game revolves around revenge and revenge games are always very wonderful. He found it interesting, as well as the large number of games that revolve events of revenge, such as Mafia 3, as well as the presence of the large number of games that are heading for this summer, but let us complete the story of the game Gta San Andreas for you.

The events of this story revolve around CJ's revenge for the death of his mother after he was not in the city and was living alone in another city. His mother's death was surprised, and it was not an ordinary death, but she was killed by a gang because he belonged to a gang and he was also a thief, but he was in another city and knows His way was smooth and he did not face any problems completely.

 but when he heard the news of his mother’s death, he went back to his home and began to live in his mother’s house, and the reason was that he wanted to avenge his mother’s death and to know the people who were a big reason for his mother’s death, so very imaginary events take place in the gathering of the gang as well The development of the gang and bringing powerful weapons, and the events of the story were very mythical.

 as there are three cities in the story, the first is opened to you at the beginning, but the other second cities are not opened except by accomplishing your tasks and the coincidence of events is fictional in order to prepare those second modes, even if you go to them in The first, and you crossed the borders either by plane or by anything or you also crossed as long as you will get violations and the police will expel you everywhere with tanks and the most powerful weapons the police have so by going to this unless it is opened for you I will give you the best city for me.

 which is the city The third is a very fairy-tale city that impressed me, especially in terms of graphics, the night in which there are myths, there are colors as if you were in China, Gta San Andreas is a very special game, frankly, that impressed me in all respects. A powerful computer that can play without any problems completely, although I have a powerful device, but I carry it. I play it with friends in real life. In real life, inside a very fairy tale. Everything is the reality of the police and it is protective. 

There are people who work for the police. There are people who leave. GTA San Andreas is much better than the real life in GTA 5 because, frankly, the real life in GTA 5 needs time to enter and needs a very powerful computer, many server problems, Gta San Andreas even after a violation of the story From the game, you can roam, as well as there are special missions to occupy all cities, and this is a very mythical matter and is not cast in all games, and to occupy special places for the gang, and this injury will always be found in front of you. The second gang.

Why play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

GTA is a timeless and ultra-known license that hits the bull's eye every time it releases or reissues a game. user reviews. San Andreas therefore remains in this line. Fans will find there the universes they are used to: gangsters, car theft, shooting at everything that moves, etc.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a third-person shooter, which means that you control a character on the screen. But it is also a driving simulation game, where the user can find himself on board a whole list of vehicles of all kinds.

In this opus (the eighth of the license) you lead a gang member, his name is Carl "CJ" Johnson. The biggest fans will have recognized him since he is the main character of the GTA III trilogy (of which this opus is the last). Five years have passed since Carl's last appearance. You have returned to your (fictional) hometown of Los Santos (city in the fictitious state of San Andreas). You returned following the announcement of the murder of your mother, which you will, of course, want to avenge. Along the way, you will take the opportunity to restore the image of your gang and fight against rogue cops who have decided to blame you for a murder (which for once you did not commit). Welcome to the 1990s!

So much for the story. The game universe is therefore the state of San Andreas (very inspired by the states of the American West, in particular California and Nevada). Your playground is more than 36 km², in an open universe, that is to say that you can explore every corner of it, which promises long hours of play in perspective. You will find in particular large cities (each with its own identity), a coastal region, rural areas (farms, mountains, forests, desert). Many playgrounds where the player can have fun with vehicles of all kinds.

The gameplay has been, as always, improved since the previous version. Thus, Rockstar Games has made sure that the loading time when moving the character from one area to another in San Andreas is as short as possible. You therefore have the impression of advancing in a linear fashion without having to wait for each change of chainring. Combat features have also had a makeover and you will be able to use techniques such as infiltration, take advantage of smart aiming points (changing color depending on the character's remaining lives).

GTA San Andreas: Minimum System Requirements

GTA San Andreas is not a very big game in terms of size so you won’t be needing a big and hefty gaming PC setup to play the game. Don't worry if you don't have a high-end PC, here we have listed the minimum system requirements of the game which will help you in deciding on your purchase.

OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
Processor: 1Ghz Pentium III or AMD Athlon Processor
Memory: 256MB of RAM
Graphics: 64MB Video Card (Geforce 3 or better)
Hard Drive: 3.6GB of free hard disk space
Other Requirements: Software installations required including DirectX and Sony DADC SecuROM.

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