Mafia 3 Free Download | PC

Mafia 3 Free Download | pc

Among the best games that people love in the world, here I mean revenge games, for example, the game God of war, which is considered among the best game stories in history, but today I brought you a fairy, beautiful and fun game, and I mean the game Mafia 3, which is The last part of the Mafia series, which contains the best stories, and here I mean the revenge game, and we will get to know the game more and everything that distinguishes the Mafia 3 game, as well as some mistakes or things that I did not like personally

The beginning of the mafia game

The mafia 3 game contains a beautiful revenge story and the game begins with action and adventure, the story of the mafia 3 game begins with a bank robbery by disguising the character in the police uniform, and this indicates the strength of the gang in control and theft. Despite all this, there were errors in the plan and made theft very difficult after A friend was injured in the mission, but in the end the money was stolen and a beautiful and wonderful celebration took place.

 but here something unexpected happened, a coup and deception by the second gang that had an agreement between them and here everyone is killed to my character who miraculously survived and This is done with the help of some mysterious characters in the game and here the game adventure and action begin and the game starts now and on the basis of revenge and there you start collecting characters or collecting the gang, but I will not burn your boxes of the story any more and it is my duty to leave you some of the fun inside the game

Advantages and disadvantages of the game

After my experience with the game Mafia 3, I was impressed by the game, especially the story, and after playing the game for hours, I appeared to have some small mistakes that I did not like in the game, but let me start with the features of the game

Mafia 3 game features: Everyone agrees that the story of the game Mafia 3 or in general the stories of the mafia series is considered the best among the action and adventure games, as well as the game contains realism in the game very similar to the game Red Redemption 2, and this indicates that the series is developing into realism and It is also working to make the next versions better.

 and among the features of the game, which is blade fighting and also the weapon, you find great realism in the fight and there is no exaggeration, even when the character is shot, he dies naturally, meaning he needs 3 bullets to die, and this is normal Other than other games, for example: the game gta v, which needs about 6 bullets to die, and this is unnatural in terms of realism, as well as the presence of many other beautiful features

Some of the disadvantages of the game Mafia 3: Among the things that I did not like in the game, which is the colors and the graphics, frankly, the game should have much better graphics, and the colors do not appear clearly, but this can be justified by the fact that the events of the game occur in the year 1960 for this The company is responsible for this action, and there is also no improvement in terms of the atmosphere in the game, which is still not convincing, and I expected that there would be an atmosphere like the very wonderful Red Redemption 2 game.

Avea is a multiplayer role-playing game that tests your guessing and deduction skills. The players are in a fictional scene in a small village where the "village people" and "mafia" teams try to survive by killing the members of the other team, and the challenge is that the identity of the members of the two teams is unknown; That is, the people of the village do not know exactly who the "Mafia" is but they try to guess them through the rounds of play.

 On the other hand, the members of the Mafia know each other secretly and try to hide their identity and doubt the people of the village to make a collective decision of the players to get rid of them one by one. Depending on the role you are assigned (that is, to join one of the two teams) you will try to kill the members of the other team through successive rounds of play, which are divided into a morning round and then a night round...

and so on. Try this exciting game at a party, a night out with your friends, or at a coffee gathering; We assure you that everyone will enjoy and experience rounds and rounds of play and interesting competition. Read on to learn more about the rules of the game.

It's 1968 and after years of fighting in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: Family isn't what you were born with, it's what you die for. Lincoln is now back home in New Bordeaux, determined to escape his criminal past. But when his surrogate family, the black gangster, is betrayed and annihilated by the Italian mafia, Lincoln builds a new family on the ashes of the old and forges a path of military-grade revenge through the officials. Intense gunfights, visceral hand-to-hand combat, white-knuckle driving, and street smarts will be required. But with the right crew, tough decisions, and some dirty hands, it's possible to make it to the top of the city's underworld.

This game is pre-installed, which means that you run it from within the folder immediately. If you get any missing dll errors, be sure to look for _Redist or _CommonRedist folder and install Directx, vcredist and all other software in that folder. You need these programs to run the game. Find the “HOW TO RUN GAME!!” file. txt” for more help. Also, make sure to right-click on the run exe file and always select Run as administrator if you're having problems saving your game. Always disable your antivirus before extracting a game to prevent it from deleting in-game files. If you need additional help leave a comment and you will be answered

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel I5-2500K, AMD FX-8120
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 2GB of Video Memory & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, AMD Radeon HD7870
  • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compliant Sound card
  • Additional Notes: Windows 8.1 users may need additional Windows Update files

Download game mafia 3 for pc

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