Rust Free Download

Rust Free Download

There are a large number of survival games on PC. But it is very difficult to find the best game that suits you and your requirements and personal opinion. So I will give you the best survival game. And here I'm not talking about surviving in the woods on your own in a very ordinary way. Or as you always see it, I'm talking about the game RUST This is one of the best survival games, but online. I mean, there are people who can build. And you can eat and you can be creative in the game RUST This is the first thing that distinguishes the game the most is that it is online and you can live with friends.

 But not living as you think, my friend, here is myself, myself, with a generation, a game, there is no friendship, Mama, it is all killing, bloody, action and adventure. Anyone can take it home. In RUST there is no mercy when you find someone and immediately kill them. This is very normal and anyone who plays this game knows this very well. I'm just here to give you my head in order to keep playing. Continuing in this game is almost impossible. And you can watch the game. RUST on YouTube as you watch tips and everything about the game more.


The thing that impressed me during the week with online for free. I mean you can enjoy with friends completely without any problems. They have their own personal website and this makes the game online completely without any problems. What I liked the most is that its open world is a very beautiful world full of adventure and action. 

There are also various different animals, but the most important of all is to eat food in order to continue in the game. This game is one of the most action and adventure games. As well as gas and creations. It is also considered one of the thousand games that raise the pressure. And here I am, I mean that the game makes you impossible to continue with this game. RUST I advise you to download because it is one of the games that I personally enjoyed most safely friends. 

And a game to provide a strong internet connection, which means that the Taif devices have been connected to work on them, and even the internet is weak as well. As well as the requirements of the game, you will find below for you, I will focus on something very important for you. It is a device whose number must be more than 10 GB RAM

RUST PC Game Review

The developers are very fickle and often rework the game in an attempt to fulfill the ideal. So, in 2015, Rust was ported to the more modern Unity engine, and it also changed multi-genre directions.

There is no plot of land in Rust. The player appears in the middle of a randomly generated map without any items and his main task is to survive. After extracting some resources, it will be possible to create the simplest equipment and start building a shelter.

The type and shape of the shelter is limited only by the imagination of the player himself and the amount of building materials collected. It can be a bulletproof bunker of several floors, or a small inconspicuous house among the trees, which will not attract the attention of ordinary travelers. All this is done in order to protect their resource, which they obtained through honest work, sometimes not enough.

Since RUST for PC is a social game, it would be difficult without a campaign. Therefore, players often unite in groups or clans. And here another feature is revealed, which appeared not so long ago with the broader development of society - clan wars and raids.

Players united in a clan take control of a certain territory and protect it by any available means: some conduct continuous patrols, others build key places with defensive structures. When the clan becomes cramped in the agreed area, they start raiding or raiding the lands of other clans in order to seize a valuable piece for themselves or simply steal more things.

As work on the game continues to this day, something new is constantly emerging in it. With each update, developers add more in-game items and a variety of game mechanics. Improvement is also subject to continuous improvement.

Online survival game inspired by Minecraft and DayZ

Roast is the title that mixes many of the most popular game genres: first-person action, survival, building - all played on servers of up to 300 people in a beautiful looking game world. A delight for gamers looking for something different.

Big build

When you start a new game of Rust, you are dropped to a random point in the vast gaming island environment. Once you are provided with stones, a torch and a couple of tires, you will need to think quickly if you are going to survive the wild monsters, online players, and other dangers that surround you. Fortunately, your stone offers you some defense when you start harvesting raw materials (wood, stone, etc.).

It's a concept that will be familiar to everyone who knows Minecraft. Once you have enough collected materials you can craft new objects and change your environment, such as building a house where you can store equipment and restart when you die. But unlike Minecraft's coolness, Rust also has a ruthless DayZ element, as human players on your server will gladly hunt you down for your resources. Other players may become your friends and join you on your adventures, but at most they will attack you, rob your house (using explosives to blow through the door), and leave you for dead.

play bold

Don't be fooled by rust build and customizations. This is where the similarities with Minecraft end. The need to find shelter, stay warm, eat, and survive is critical. Plus you'll need to find ways to defend yourself, and create shields and weapons to fend off attacks. This is a huge advantage for Rust, as its greater focus on conflict and survival provides long-term appeal to those who quickly tire of Minecraft.

Rust's visuals are pretty impressive the moment you get started, although you'll need a powerful computer to really appreciate them. But, despite the technical quality, the environments quickly become repetitive. There are no differences in the environment of the islands as it crosses, and large areas of grass and rocks quickly become dull.

System Requirements

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 / AMD FX-9590 or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 670 2GB / AMD R9 280 better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 20 GB available space

Rust  Download