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Download the football game pes 2021 on the computer for free without any problems completely and the game is complete with all players and transfers and works without the Internet and on all computers.

Always be sure, my friend, that when I tell you about football games, here we are talking about the two biggest companies that always breathe me into providing the best football games on the computer as well as Android. Football is permanent games that change with the change of players and this is the price of what we have seen recently, and that most football games change players only and the game is not improved and this is completely unacceptable and many followers and fans of this game always discuss about these things and always find that They were deceived by changing players only.

 so there is great breathing between the two companies and every year better games are developed, and frankly, football games are games loved by everyone and loved by everyone, and this thing is completely clear when the game is launched only on the first day. It gets millions of downloads. Walid indicates The game is waiting for people and they are always waiting for the new and they always love football games, especially the football series that are launched by companies, and as you know very well, PES and FIFA are the two games that They compete along the continuity and as the first and last aims that the company PES was not successful in its new game.

 which was changed its name to the game efootball 2022 when the game was launched, there were a number of many errors as well as the way of playing and graphics were completely unacceptable and received great criticism around the world despite The game was downloaded for free, but the game did not succeed, as it was expected, because there was a delay in the game, as well as the usual big problems, and this is my hope because the environment that they were using for programming games has been changed, as well as working on the new technology, which is to gather people who play on the phone with people Those who play on the computer in order to play online without any problems, and this matter was very serious.

 especially since the game was not fully filmed and there was a delay in the development of the game, but now, God willing, a prayer that harms the best in the old year and I think that you will download a fairy game that did not It was not for her, and this is exactly what Konami promised to Baki the hypocrites there. Tell us about some news about the game. We will talk to you about news about the next FIFA game, God willing, FIFA 2023 is a different FIFA from the previous version completely, where Several changes have been added, including the addition of new movements in dribbling, as well as improving the player's graphics, in addition to adding realism within missions or within cooperative play, as well as adding realism within the coach's profession, which has been focused on very greatly, and as everyone expects, the FIFA game has advanced us in this version as well as from Between the facts or the reality inside the game, and you can visit one of the players in the hospital who was injured, or you can even watch the opponent’s match that you will face in the next match, and this very other thing adds to you the realism inside the game more.

 During the initial registration or pre-purchasing a game that everyone is waiting for and waiting for its changes, especially I am waiting for the colors to change inside the game, which I advise a little because the game is frankly on a computer, its colors are not completely clear and not accepted by me personally, but the game expects a very beautiful game to enjoy, although it is exaggerated in Dodging inside the game, but I apologize for improving these games through honest competition between the two companies, God willing.

In terms of games based on realism: This means that you will feel that you are inside a real and actual football field, and play a real game that is not just virtual graphics that you see. Matches between them, for example, you will find a player pushing his other teammate after making a goal.

As well as interacting with synchronized weather conditions while playing the match, for example, if a night match sees the lighting in the stadium additionally, or it rains in the winter or there is wind, and this aspect is characterized by both games almost equally.
In terms of the game being more fun and easy to control: the PES 2021 game for the computer outperforms, and although it lacks many other advantages, the user’s sense of fun and excitement while playing makes him prefer PES over FIFA because of the fun of playing because of the higher control capabilities in the game PES.

The FIFA game also offers street football, which is a style of the FIFA street football game, and it was added in this upgraded version because this system has a special and distinctive popularity in many football-loving regions of the world, so the company seeks to develop and improve the popularity of this The game by adding the popular street football mode in FIFA 2021 and you can play a lot of game systems.

eFootball PES 2021

The game includes the provision of many places to play, such as the many street halls that choose what suits you to play. You can also select the playing characters by changing clothes, hair, tattoos, shoes and other personal features that can be added, which is a distinguishing feature between the two games and this is a very distinguishing feature between the two games.

Now we will move to the knowledge of this game, and it is the one that will be downloaded to them, God willing. PES 21 is one of the best games and one of the most fantastic games that have happened, as this year it outperformed FIFA by much, through the graphics in the game, and the game was also not a requirement. Despite the strong graphics inside it, in addition to the good colors, as well as the way of playing, which is completely consistent, even the dribbling is not exaggerated.

 This thing that I liked inside the game was very fabulous. I enjoyed it very terribly and I know that there are people who want to try this game even if a game was launched 2023 because this game is graphics and you and your friends can enjoy the game that faced any problems inside it. The game is very stable and the game pes 21 is the most successful game in the few years and from these successes a new idea was invented, which is that it is not an emulator that we deal with and this is what spoiled them copies The next one, which everyone was eagerly waiting for, especially since a game was announced that will be free on all devices. 

At this moment, the game has not been announced completely, or even the trailer for the game or the sites. There is a fear from the fans of this game that the game is involved in a very large number, there may be errors like the previous version, and this is not acceptable by its fans, as they do not want to buy the game and be in a large number of mistakes Updates are made to it in order to improve this. This is not acceptable because we want to play it directly without problems, even though playing in the first months you will have problems with it in the servers, as well as some software errors that make large numbers of people take advantage of it to develop themselves from within a game for this there A large number of people buy the game even though it is not fully developed or that there are errors and this is their exploitation of programming errors for the game and this will benefit them very much for the sake of human development in the game is very large and they sell those accounts with huge money.

Features of the full game PES 2021 for PC

The level of graphics and graphical techniques has been greatly improved in the game so that the game user sees the players’ bodies, the referee and the stadium more realistically as if it were in a real football match, and a lot of bright lights and colors are provided that make the stadium very clearly in front of the player.
Relying on the body's physics and natural movements, so that the player notices that all kicks, moves and throws go naturally as if he were in reality.
Adding new teams to the game, so that the user of the game has many international teams to play through.

More clarity and multi-angle, so that the game gives great focus to the important shots in the game such as catching the ball and scoring goals.
Various new stadiums where the game in its new version provides a large number of stadiums with great designs.
Various tournaments and leagues are more interesting as the game provides the user with the ability to participate in tournaments and leagues with the system corresponding to it in reality.

The presence of meeting places for players, coaches, rest, training grounds and other things that exist in the real world of football.
Putting visual effects closer to reality, as if you were already on the field.
PES 21 supports PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One, in addition to supporting the Stadia platform during its launch.

How to download eFootball PES 2021 on PC

The way to download this game is the method of the steps in the travels, and God willing, it will work with you without any problems

First step: Go to the link below, it will lead you to a special site to download this game. You will find several links from which you can download the game. You have to choose the link that suits you and download the game without any problems completely.

The second step: When you download the water in a file in your home, there is a folder with the game on it. You will enter it in a very normal way and install the game very naturally without any problems completely, that is, you are in the improvement of any second game or any other program on your computer on your computer

I hope you enjoy the game and I wish you a good day. Thank you for trusting the site. We will meet in another game, God willing.

 If you encounter any problem, you can go to the support below

 eFootball PES 2021 System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 / AMD FX 4350.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • OS: Windows 8.1/10 - 64bit.
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 670 / AMD Radeon HD 7870.
  • PIXEL SHADER: 5.0.

Download eFootball PES 2021 For pc (14.9 GB)