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Download GTA 4 game for Android, unique missions, advanced weapons, different vehicles, realistic open world and much more with third-person action game Grand Theft Auto IV developed in 2008 by Rockstar for Android systems , Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 The player can do almost anything they can imagine, including roaming freely around the city, battling with the various gangs that control the city, as well as engaging in sports activities like basketball and golf having a house and a car, building an integrated criminal empire and many other things that make this version the most advanced GTA game. 

Download GTA 4 for Android Information on how to download GTA 4 for Android apk: 

Niko Bellic : 

The player sees the world from the perspective of the protagonist Niko Bellic, a dangerous criminal who performs missions and controls and with land, sea and air vehicles can shoot firearms, pick up others with your hand or

melee weapons, as well as the ability to run, jump, swim, interact with the environment, and more. 


There are dozens of story quests of varying difficulty, and multiple quests can be completed at once. Some quests require you to wait for more information or events.

Missions include drug trafficking, killing some gang leaders and cops, transporting a truck full of explosives from one place to another, rescuing a kidnapper and robberies. the shooter. The player earns a sum of money for each task they are complete, and the amount depends on how difficult and dangerous the task is. There are also many cool side quests like a task to win a street race or grab a police car and use your computer to find a wanted person. Or play the role of a taxi driver or delivery man.

Download gta iv for Android apk+obb:

Liberty City - is a fictional city into several islands and the player has to complete some tasks to reach all the islands, including many famous places like the Statue of Liberty , and also contains a large number Of nightclubs, hotels, shopping malls, gas stations, restaurants, cafes, hospitals and police stations, etc. 


There are up to 123 usable vehicles including supercars, sedans, American muscle cars,SUVs, vans and trucks and Airplanes of many kinds, along with boats, yachts, motorcycles and other mobile vehicles. All emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire engines, police cars, etc. can also be driven. Knowing that all car models are designed to be as similar as possible to their real-life counterparts in terms of design, engine performance, acceleration and suspension systems, players will be offered an incredible driving experience that surpasses many other car games. More information about GTA 4 9 87 Download 


Weapons: The game contains a great mix of pistols, assault rifles, light machine guns, sniper rifles and rocket launchers, giving the player several options, as well as grenades and Molotov cocktails, which also have many melee weapons . such as knives, butcher knives, golf clubs, hammers and crowbars.

Graphics and effects: 

This version has advanced HD graphics, which is positively reflected in almost everything in the game, including the movement of characters, which has become incredibly smooth, as well as models of vehicles, weapons and various structures. as well as weather and sound effects, making it one of the most realistic games in the world. 

How to play and missions after downloading GTA 4 for Android: 

Realistic game atmosphere: Although the game was mainly developed for the

computer, from the mobile it has become very simple and smooth. 

With some gameplay you can easily control the character, cars and weapon use and it also depends on your Android version and processor. 

Advantages of downloading GTA 4 for Android: unique set of side missions and story missions. Plenty of firearms and melee weapons.

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