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There are a large number of war games on platforms or on the Android system. War games are very popular with everyone because they give you the realism that we have not seen in several games, as well as the edge games, a cycle of events throughout history, in addition to the presence of action, and we will learn about the five best action, adventure and war games

War games

When you talk about these blessings, we are talking about history games, because frankly, the more realistic the game and its dates, and the more realistic the events in it, the more fun will be. But there are also special games in which Valley of Games enters you into the atmosphere of war and enters you into the atmosphere of the competition as if you ever watch it.

 In addition to the war games, there are very different and different weapons, as well as war games always mosques. They contain very high graphics as well as high graphics and a world found mythical, and this is a very natural thing because Everything that revolves around bullets and blood, everything is destructive around you, and thus war is the beloved war games, in addition to us, war games, frankly, are not a requirement on Android devices, and even their sizes are in very simple sizes, and with each goal, these games do not work without the Internet, and this is a very beautiful thing Which are any problems, the war games are very wonderful.

 You have to continue to support them and you have to put all your trust in these kind of games and, God willing, these games will be longer and more and I will put it to you What are the best games, so what are war games and what technology advances games and the launch of game events? We will see fairy war games on Android devices. Games are completely unparalleled. Forgiveness. Not computer games wonderfully and fabulously. At this moment, I have collected for you the five best war games on the phone. On all devices without exception.

Game 1:Arena Breakout

Field Breakout est un FPS standard Tencent qui vous plonge dans un nouveau monde rempli d'ennemis et de conflit armé. Rempli de mental fortitude et un huge arms stockpile d'armes, ce FPS pour Android vous laisse raffiner vos habiletés de tir durant chaque mission.

Les graphiques 3D dans Arena Breakout sont vraiment impressionnants et réalistes. En utilisant un fantastique moteur visuel, il est très effortless de déplacer la caméra comme vous voulez pour tenter de trouver tous les things et ennemis placés sur la carte. Toutes ces choses vous laissent avancer à travers les différentes scènes avec le seul however de survivre aux tirs ennemis.

Il y a des armes à feu iconiques dans Arena Breakout et une grande sélection d'items à utiliser dans les attaques. Des douzaines de projectiles différentes ou des couteaux affutés vous laissent vous frayer un chemin à travers les sinueux passages des bâtiments ou la dureté de l'asphalte. Il y an aussi de nombreuses zones ouvertes où des troncs d'arbres ou roches seront très utiles dès que vous avez besoin de cover.

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Game 2:Warface GO

ynamic fights look for you in the universe of the undeniably popular Warface shooter! Appreciate different battle modes, simple to-learn controls, and astounding illustrations. Make a remarkable person and break into energizing multiplayer PvP fights planned explicitly for cell phones!

Warface: Global Operations is effectively developing and growing: new guides, weapons, hardware and character skins consistently show up in the game, as well as novel new game modes and occasions in which you can get significant prizes. The group is continually

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Game 3:Bright Memory Mobile

First-individual activity shooting game,the players have some control over various styles of extraordinary capacities and make a bunch of ravishing combos with blend of abilities. It recounts an experience story of Shelia of Natural Science Research Organization (SRO).

2020, SRO found a material in an old sword which could review dead animals during an examination of social relics wrongdoing. The outsider military associations (SAI) invaded into SRO's exploration organization and attempted to snatch the material.They changed the directions of the transmitter to the edge of Arctic where they tracked down a place where there is sky that countless old animals exist. SRO should stop SAI 's trick and figure out reality.

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Game 4:Modern Gun: Shooting War

The 3D FPS mobile shooter gun war has just begun! A modern CS-style online gun game is waiting for you! Online shooting games with players from all over the world - show your skills in PvP mode!

Modern Gun - Online Games! Play FPS online games absolutely for free!

Use different free shooting strategies and tactics in online blast games on a variety of shooting games battle maps

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Game 5:Battle Prime

Fight Prime gives you a remarkable encounter — join this multiplayer third-individual shooter, pick your strategies, attempt all the shocking weapons store, and this while getting a charge out of control center level designs.

Turn into the main player in cutting edge fights utilizing your cell phone!


Play as Primes: widespread symbols with one of a kind capacities. Pick your playstyle: will you beat everyone with a mass like strength, or outperform with a glimmer speed? Each Prime has his own strategies, so pick your battle style, win and partake in your victory in a significant fabulous fights!


Show your power during dynamic 6v6 fights. Switch between Primes on re-produce, utilize their capacities and hardware to control the course of fight and win. Beat every one of your foes, get most extreme focuses, and move higher to the highest point of the rating.


Each triumph draws you nearer to the top. Show off your abilities in fights, gain rating focuses and open upgrades — new Primes, new weapons and pack!

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