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Korean PUBG is a dedicated South Korean version of the famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile released in 2018 on Android phones and iPhones. The gifts you get from chests like weapon skins and character outfits in PUBG KR have a higher chance of getting a valuable gift, and the game also gets faster updates than the global version.

You can download The Korean PUBG game on Android or IOS phones for free, but for non-Korean users, you need to download and install the game from outside the store in APK format, and then transfer the Obb game data files.

Information about Korean PUBG Android games app download

Valuable in-game gifts:

It is known that the Korean version of PUBG contains better gifts than the global version, so many players resort to downloading it. The rewards are skins for your weapons, umbrellas, clothes, etc.

,and the game also includes some exclusive items that you won't find in the global version of PUBG.

PUBG Korea Maps:

There are no differences between the Korean PUBG maps and the global version, and the game has a large number of battlefields for you to try. Examples of these maps include Erangel, a large green area with some rural areas, characterized by changing weather conditions that can cause problems with long-distance vision and photography. Desert Map

Miramar has a large area and is the best map for hunting. Lovers and includes various buildings and land. The Vikendi snow map is a medium-sized map that contains buildings with unique designs and you have to navigate snow vehicles and this map contains only G36c weapons and the game also contains other maps and new maps will be released in updates.

Game interface:

The game fully supports the English language in the user interface, which is the opposite of what is supposedly included in the game. Only Korean language so you don't have problems playing and adjusting settings, but you shouldn't use your main account, which you use in PUBG Mobile global game, in order not to lose your progress, you should create a new account from scratch and you can't use it in global play.

Team play and communication in PUBG:

The game has many modes that you can play and also allows you to play individually. with another player or within a team of four players, and you can invite your friends to join the game and stay on a team, or choose a random team from millions of people online. In-game communication, you can talk to your team by typing or also through the microphone, and you can also send messages and talk with all players on the map.

More information about Korean PUBG Download for Android


PUBG is a battle royale game in The approximately 100 players compete in the game and try to survive to the end. The other players and you must be careful not to stay in the dangerous zone and you can spot this zone through the map as it appears in the form of a large circle and over time it becomes a very small circle around the players limit a certain area and determine the winner

, which will stand until the end.

Graphics and Effects:

The game features high-resolution graphics in Design of maps and characters, as well as weapons, vehicles and other elements within the game, paying attention to the smallest details and using a powerful game engine to optimally reproduce these graphics. Footsteps and car sounds to help you locate enemies and identify the direction of fire.


PUBG contains several vehicles that you can be used to quickly navigate the map and it is also used as a weapon to run over enemies and some of these vehicles only allow two or four people and there are also some cars that you shoot at can, and the game contains cars, motorcycles and other vehicles like buggy car and all. Some of these vehicles have different performance and characteristics, some are suitable for paved roads, some are suitable for the harsh environment and some are suitable for snow.

Weapons in PUBG KR APK:

The Korean version of Babji does not include additional weapons different from the global version, as they are the same weapons prepared for them, and the game has a very large number of automatic rifles, light machine guns, short-range rifles, sniper rifles and others, as well as handguns and bombs, and one of the most famous weapons in the game are AKM, SCAR rifle and AWM sniper rifle.

Korean Pubg:

If you are not in South Korea, the Korean game PUBG does not appear on Google Play or on the official App Store, but that doesn't stop you from playing it. You can download my korean tower apk from the direct links we include in the article and then install the game on your phone, but enable the "Install unknown applications" option that you can find in the security and privacy settings of the mobile phone .

I hope you enjoy the game and I wish you a good day. Thank you for trusting the site. We will meet in another game, God willing.

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