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Our topic today is how to download PUBG Mobile games for PC. You won't be surprised when you hear the game name PUBG due to its wide popularity and availability on many platforms. It has gained notoriety due to demand from most youth groups and because many of them play it online. The number of its users increases every day from the day when the first copies for computers and then copies for mobile phones were made

Download PUBG Mobile Game 2022

The number of active players in the PUBG game for PC has exceeded 3 million players.

Everyone praised its splendor as it contains many fierce battles resembling realistic battles. You can team up with your friends and compete against other teams.

Although it is known as PUBG, its real name is not so and due to its difficulty, some people have referred to it as PUBG for ease of pronunciation in them. Especially the Arabs among them, since their real name is set on an unknown battlefield, they took the first letter of each word and abbreviated it as


PUBG Mobile for PC

The game begins with a series of steps that you must follow to start the battle, such as all of this will be explained in the following lines.

Features of PUBG PC Game Latest Download Version

PUBG PC Game is one of the fighting games in which advanced combat weapons are used and there is a battlefield , on which each battle begins. On them between a group of teams, a battle consists of around 100 players fighting each other until one player survives and is then declared the winner.

You can play with all of them communication messages or audio recordings to other teams via text message.

He has his own shop with everything

you want.

He has a full arsenal of different and sophisticated weapons.

Competitors are available worldwide. the day so you can start the fight at any time.

The battlefield is very similar to realistic battles.

It works on all computer systems from Winzos 7 and Winzos 10 and also on 11.

Regarding the possibility of communicating with others, whether they are from your team or from enemies, you can communicate with each other through the speakers or microphone of each device and do not worry, your voice will be clear and you will not when speaking get confused due to fighting or the like.

Download PUBG PC game Windows 10 with direct link

The battlefield is an island nobody knows about, all players arrive on the island by parachute landing and after all players landed are start looking for weapons that they use to protect themselves and during the search they can face assassination attempts from other players and all players must protect themselves from these attempts, otherwise it will be written that the game will end loses, the winner in gets some in-game gifts and wins a wonderful dinner.

Download PUBG PC Game Windows 7 from Media Fire

To register and to start playing you need to register with him by creating an account , either through a facebook account or google play email and then you choose the character you want to play with e.g Clothing of your per onage continuously,

i s available in the game PUBG Clothing Store where you can find everything new from shoes, hats and sunglasses, the store is constantly updated.

Download PUBG for PC without Emulator

You can download the PUBG Download game for PC from Media Fire without using an Android emulator but what you need is that the specs of the device are high and that it needs storage space and Windows 10 if the possibilities of your device specs will limit the game performance not be good.The Original Battle Royale Experience

PUBG for Android is fun and strategic with its addictive objective of killing, looting and surviving, making it a great mobile game to play with your friends or play strangers

PUBG therefore comes part of a variety of games with the same model: parachute onto an island and fight to the death to be the last survivor. The popularity of this playstyle increased with the release of the Hunger Games book and film trilogy. As in the trilogy, PUBG players will fly over the island of their choice in a

plane, with the option to parachute at any time. This is where the strategy begins.

Jump into a town and instantly access tons of resources like weapons, armor, and health items. However, landing in a city brings with it a higher population density, increasing the chances of being killed early. Be careful and parachute into less populated, rugged terrain to protect yourself from other players but limit your access to resources.

Players choose which island they want to play on, and will Paired game with up to 100 players on each island.

However, there are suspicions that some of the "people" you are matched with are actually bots, especially as the game's popularity on desktop is slowly declining.

Choose between Erangel, Vikendi, Sanhok and Miramar islands. Erangel is the original playing card and is European in nature. The Miramar desert theme offers almost no coverage and very little open distance. Miramar's action and loot can be found in its vast cities scattered between vast deserts. Sanhok is the smallest of the four jungle maps where, unlike the other three worlds, you can fly pretty much anywhere on the map.

In the narrow spaces of Sanhok, you will encounter enemies faster than on the other maps. Vikendi is the latest map version and has a festive snow theme.

Choose your player avatar, enter experience level and graphics level, add props and immerse yourself in your game. Once you've landed on the map of your choice, move from location to location, looting as you go. Avoid revealing your location by making a scene or attempting to kill unless you are sure of your shot. Hold on as long as you can, eliminating other players on your way to victory.

PUBG's addictive nature will only grow as you gain experience and success. Victory tastes especially sweet considering how many players are in each game. Even those with average gaming skills have a chance to win at PUBG. Focus on strategy and excellent team communication to achieve the goal.

Graphics in PUBG for Android (and all mobile devices) are scaled down for obvious reasons. Overall functionality and freedom of movement suffers in the mobile version. However, the basic gameplay and features remain the same across all platforms, allowing for a seamless gaming experience.

Download pubg game for pc

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