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The way to download the game God Of War 4 on your Android device, there is on the roads and several copies daily, but this is the best version of the game God Of War 4 on Android devices and the game works on all devices

When we talk about the game God Of War 4, why has it achieved very great successes, especially after the radical change in the story, the great change that took place within the game between graphics, as well as player graphics, and even the story has been radically changed. I personally have been a fan of this series since my childhood since 2013.

 I am a player All parts of this game on PlayStation devices, as well as on a device or on a psp emulator, and finally, also play other parts 4 and 3 on the computer, frankly, a game that I loved a lot, especially that you will play a very mythical game that contains a story of revenge and I always love games that contain revenge Like the Mafia 3 game, as well as anything that has anything to do with revenge, even movies and even anime with revenge, because you always have a goal within the game, which is revenge against the person who asked you for your happy life and changed your life when we talk about the game God Of War.

 song we talk about the most successful games that achieved fame Aaliyah, especially in its last years, it is frankly a very mythical game worth trying. If you, my friend, are watching this game for the first time, it did not help any part of it completely. In fact, you missed a fairy fun inside this game, the way the player is, and the story is also changed from Other games I know that you entered this article, but you knew about the game, or maybe you heard about it through a friend or watched its GamePlay on YouTube, but I will give you a mini-story about the game and I will also give you my experience with the game and the things that made me love this game in short, as well as the way Download this game and the latest version of God Of War 4

God Of War 4 story

Turn around the events of this story for this version after the revenge took place in the third part and here I mean Kratos' revenge from all the gods of Olympus and this is his goal in all episodes or in all previous versions and revenge on them, especially after his brother was rescued and he knew that he was hiding his brother and mother as well as a brother who was He is tortured daily and imprisoned for many years. 

We all know the end of the third part. Then Kratos killed himself with the legendary sword, the sword he had invented in order to imprison the giants inside the earth. And this is with the aim of restoring balance to the earth and returning everything as it was, but the surprise happens that we do not know what happened between the third and fourth part, but we watch Kratos and his son, as well as his dead wife, there are people who do not know what happened between the two chapters or between the two versions... .

 but we do not care what is going on, that will be presented, God willing, soon. What is important is the purpose of this game and from this version his wife died very naturally and was not killed, but one wish was lost and that her ashes be thrown from the top of a bank in Olcard and thus begins the journey of Kratos and his son In order to throw the gray of their dead wife on the top of a mountain, but the adventure was not that easy, and here several many problems occur, including Kratos' attempt to control the anger of his son, which also contains the anger of her family, and since he is his son, he also contains anger that will cost him the loss of the most dear people to him and this Exactly what happened with Kratos in the old days, but several different things happen outside the will of the story, and things happen, action and adventure for you in the end. Very strange things happen.

 A strange character appears, especially at the beginning of the game. in Slä M in that place because he had had enough of fighting and wanted the grass. Salem with his son and his wife, but as we know, there is no stability in this world where it was not desired. And he killed his son as well. In addition, in the last parts of this game, he also revealed that his wife was not an ordinary person, but was classified as a sword of giants.

Thus, the son of Kratos became half of him as a giant and eventually became nicknamed Loki, according to the story and according to legends, this is the god of riots Or the king of riots, or the one who always calls trouble, in addition, at the end of the game, you will know that the whole game was a school in the walls, and this indicates that the gods were predicting that all the events that happened in the game here I mean the Norse gods and thus Kratos wonders and knows that this place will not be It is completely easy, especially after the two sons of Thor were killed, and this will push Otour to take revenge for the killing of his son, and so the events of revenge will take place without it.

 you inside this series, and things will happen in the next part, God willing, in this year, which first will be launched on PlayStation 5 devices and Is there any information about the best of them on computers, frankly, that impressed me a lot. I entrust my story to you with its many events and many characters within it. I do not want to burden you with the story and Jordan will move you parts of the story of the game God Of War 4

God Of War 4

It plays a typical fight, adventure, action, revenge, a game that has a long history, a very legendary game, its parts are always updated, and it is by Sony, and it is considered one of the best pillars for Sony, which achieves sales of imaginary profits, in addition to that the game God Of War is a fictional story. Or from the ratio of Greek and Scandinavian myths, but the game came in a different fighting style from the previous parts, a very mythical game, especially the way of playing, but there are some things that I did not like, frankly, is that there is not a sufficient number of weapons or an increase in the number of weapons as you progress in the game more like parts The previous one, by God, all there is to do is you have to upgrade weapons and you have to get more skills in addition to the game. It contains very high and realistic graphics inside the game in addition to the mythical world, which contains several very wonderful details as well as what distinguishes this game as the first player to listen to songs and I mean The son player with his father and another goal in Jidda and has not been added to a large number of games

But the Android version that we will download, God willing, in a very distinct version, is a very wonderful and fairy game that will distinguish you and give you a character of wonderful play. In addition to the game supports on all Android devices, as well as the game contains only combat, with all the weapons in the original game, but this puff is in it The characters or enemies do not end completely, as well as there is the leader here. Entering the battlefield and fighting only without an end, this is a very mythical thing, but the game on it is very large, as it takes more than 20 days, and this indicates that we want the best and he gives you the new and I hope you like it

How to download God of War 4 for Android

The way to download it is simple and does not need any steps or any detail as well as it is that you download the file located below and then you will install it dear as if you were doing a program or any game from Google and so congratulations on you the game God of War 4 on your Android device with a hundred guaranteed completely and it will work for you without any problems.

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