Download Minecraft for PC and Android Minecraft 2023 original

Download Minecraft for original computer and for Android apk free, enjoy downloading Minecraft game by building 3D buildings with different cubes and different colors, it is the most popular in city building games, extreme accuracy that gives you the ultimate simulation level, realistic is the highest in this kind of simulation games. By default, the original Minecraft download is very popular on multiple platforms.

Including Google

PlayApp Store, Microsoft Windows Store, Mac OS systems as well as Xbox and many more, the game has achieved greater success than even the most optimistic developers expected. Enjoy downloading Minecraft for PC in multiplayer with friends online, the open source game has unlimited quests, no matter how long you spend on Minecraft, there are more quests you can complete.

Information on how to download Minecraft for PC:

Precise graphics:

Developers of

This game is based on unique graphics, the distant view of playing fields looks very accurate and come on, the quality gradually decreases with the enlargement of the image, in general, Minecraft offers you an near level of truthfulness in terms of city layouts.


A small fact that you need to fill in the empty fields that you will find in front of you on the account creation page, it is mentioned that after downloading the game

Minecraft for PC you can register through the account of the social network Facebook, enter your account information n ot continue c with any other player in order not to lose access to your personal file.

Personal Setting:

A wide variety of costumes for Minecraft to choose from at the touch of a button, along with plenty of size preferences and skin tones , facial features, haircut and the likes. You can choose a male or female character after downloading Minecraft for PC, and change your choice at any time.

The clothing and accessories list contains hundreds of options. at different prices, distinctive designs of

Hats, masks, pants, bags, shirts, dresses, suits, etc. Thanks to this wide range, you can have a new look in a short time.

inside world :

Unlimited natural areas in which to build player cities. After downloading the original Minecraft game for PC for free, you will have the right to build your buildings in many different areas, a world that seems real due to the reality of its seas, deserts, high mountains, trees, plateaus and more . p>

With the icy pole in a secluded area that you can visit after downloading the original Minecraft for PC, this is just a brief overview of an integrated world with unlimited storage, including full ones Areas freedom to move and build the buildings you want.

How to download Minecraft APK for Android:

Fun to play Minecraft APK :

After downloading and playing Minecraft APK for Android, you will enjoy playing in a huge world that is 8 times the size of planet Earth. This huge world is made up of blocks and their crates to destroy, transform and create.

Spectator Mode:

After downloading Minecraft apk and running it on your phone, it will be available to fly and watch the world and you will have the possibility to increase the speed at will

More about downloading Minecraft for PC:


The task of gathering resources after downloading the original Minecraft free for PC is one of the most important tasks that you should focus on. Building materials such as wood and stone are considered unlimited or inexhaustible resources as they are abundant natural resources in nature, chop down trees and crush rocks to increase your supply of these materials.

The Resources after downloading Minecraft game for PC extends to metals such as iron, aluminum, etc., as well as plastics, cloth, leather, and others.

The sources of these materials are very numerous, so you can collect a large number of each material separately; find out more through your personal experience.

Buildings:Once you have downloaded Minecraft for PC, you have the right to build any building without the you want to build every constraint. Minecraft gives you a number of pre-made skins to choose from and also allows you to create a new skin of your choice. Enjoy building entire cities with

,000 houses, shops, public facilities and educational, health and cultural institutions such as schools, universities, hospitals, businesses and factories.

You can also build small villages with humble houses first You need to build yourself a house and then work on building stores to store your goods.

Of course, after downloading Minecraft game for PC or Android, all these things generate new ideas like building pyramids and ancient pharaonic civilizations, castles and military camps, other ideas like amusement parks, restaurants and food. Shops, poultry and cow farms.


Given the huge areas after downloading Minecraft for PC, the task of moving from one place to to move another Another walk becomes almost impossible as it takes

days at a time. So Minecraft gives you the opportunity to buy cars or build them yourself, choose your favorite design and paint color you prefer, cars top speeds of luxury that will help you travel fast .

On the other hand, allowed You can download the original Minecraft for PC and Android for free, travel with ships and steamers through seas and oceans, as well as pilot helicopters and fly them through the skies and back Get a distinctive and different view of the

fields from above, You can take some passengers or friends in the car or in the vehicle in general.

Atmosphere and group appearances after downloading Minecraft:


Downloading Minecraft game for PC gives you a Reality no less than the real world, much of the atmosphere simulates reality at an unusual level of simulation, an example of which is the constant instability of time, day and night regularly alternating as reality is. , players find the morning time

good to work on developing and expanding their own cities.

As for the darkness, after downloading Minecraft for PC, this is the right time to start your characters comfort them by giving them food. and water and then go to sleep. Leaving home late at night puts your life in great danger in the shadow of strange monsters outside, predators and ghosts looking for something to eat.

On the other hand, the weather is constantly witnessing rapid changes and you will notice it when you download and try Minecraft game for computer. The multitude of rituals gives it more realism and also paves the way for the emergence of various seasonal jobs such as farming, harvesting and the like, rain and snowflakes in the cold winter. The bright, intense sun in summer, the falling leaves in autumn. After downloading Minecraft for Android for free, spring summer mild weather.

Group Appearances:

Playing games online with friends over the Internet is one of the most important elements in the success of the Minecraft game. on computer and Android, through this system, two or more people can adventure together and communicate through Minecraft game.

Once you downloaded Minecraft for PC, you can search for your friends accounts, add them to Add them to your contacts list and then invite them to

to join you in a new team, so later they can participate in group challenges together against other teams and groups and form a new alliance within Minecraft, up to 10 members, enjoy Battles, soccer matches, car races and more.

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